About Ketofest

Imagine spending a weekend with hundreds of other ketofreaks in a city turned keto! Within four blocks you will interact with world-class speakers, patronize local restaurants serving real keto dishes, attend a pig roast where you don't have to worry about sugar in the sauce, learn how to cook your own keto dishes, attend breakout sessions on various related topics, take fat-adatpted fitness classes, and network with other ketogenic warriors.

Ketofest is not a conference, but a festival! Conferences are for professionals. Festivals are for people. Ketofest is for real people who want to learn the science behind - and practical applications of - the ketogenic diet as a remedy for multiple "diseases of civilization." Ketofest is a celebration of life for those who value the continuous benefits of nutritional ketosis.

Your hosts are Carl Franklin and Richard Morris from the 2 Keto Dudes podcast.

Fasting Friday, July 20

Fasting Friday is happening at the Holiday Inn, located at 35 Governor Winthrop Blvd, just a couple blocks from the Parade Plaza and one block from the Garde Arts Center starting at 9AM. There will be no food offered, only coffee, tea, water, and salt.

Ketofest is sponsored in part by Birthright Nutrition. At Birthright Nutrition, we believe health is your Birthright, every day we work for the better and greater good. From ethically sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients to every caring detail of the making nutritional-dense real food Bone Broths, supporting natural healing, well-being and a healthy life. Always empowering the positive in what we do. We believe you need a healthy balance of work and play. Without laughter and humor, no amount of success is worthwhile. You can succeed at anything when you bring together creative, open-minded, dedicated, people and give them the tools and freedom to pursue their ideas. Our greatest wish is our success promotes the health and well-being of all.

Morning Lectures

9AM to 12PM
Megan Ramos and staff from Intensive Dietary Management will present the latest clinical data from IDM fasting patients, and deliver talks about the practical application of - and science behind - intermittent fasting and extended fasting. All of your fasting questions will be answered.

Indoor Activities

After the lectures, there will be indoor and outdoor activities. Indoor activities include ad-hoc card games, board-games, social games like Werewolf, and simply sitting and talking.
12:30 PM to 1:30 PM
Blissworks Yoga Studio free yoga class.

2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Blissworks Yoga Studio free yoga class.

3:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Blissworks Yoga Studio free yoga class.
Ketofest is sponsored in part by Dry Farm Wines. The only health-focused, natural wine club in the world. Our wines are all natural, additive free, sugar free, low alcohol, and lab tested for purity. Being served at the Ice Cream Social Saturday night at 8:00 PM at RD86.

Outdoor Activities

Here is a list of outdoor activities:
12:15 PM to 1:15 PM
Allan Misner will deliver an exercise class in the courtyard.

12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Walking tour of Historic New London.

2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Walking tour of Historic New London.

4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Walking tour of Historic New London.

3:00 PM to 4:30 PM
A walk to Ocean Beach (3.8 miles). What could be better than to walk down the river to Ocean Beach, situated at the mouth of the Thames river right on Long Island Sound. Enjoy the boardwalk and arcade, or just sit and enjoy the view. It takes about an hour and 20 minutes to walk there from the Isaac School. You can walk back or arrange a ride back by Taxi, Uber, or Lyft on your own.

VIP Party

For those who purchased the VIP ticket, the party starts at 6PM and goes until 10 PM. You will receive directions and instructions via email.

Social Saturday

On Social Saturday (July 21), we're having an outdoor party on the Parade Plaza in New London, which is right on the water, across the street from the train station. Food will be served from noon to 4 PM. The festivities on Social Saturday start at 8 AM and go until 4 PM, at which time you can find your way to one of the restaurants for dinner.

Ketofest is sponsored in part by Stevia Sweet BBQ Sauce. Developed by a BBQ restaurant owner who plans to change the restaurant industry forever. This sauce is full-flavored and only 1 gram of sugar with 2 carbs per serving. Being served at ketofest at the Pig Roast and at RD86 Saturday night.

Pig Roast with Cole Slaw

Fresh from the Secchiaroli pig farm in nearby Waterford, CT, this 250-pounder has been roasting all night! It should be delicious. The cole slaw is Carl's Ketoky Fried Chicken knock-off made with Swerve. Barbecue Sauce is provided by Sweet Stevia BBQ, and contains 1g of sugar in a 2 tbsp serving.

Grilled Sausages

The Mystic Meat Locker will be grilling sausages, offering samples of - and taking orders for - their amazing cured and smoked meats (charcuterie), which they make with no sugar and more fat!

Clam Chowder

What would a New England festival be without clam 'chowda.' This is Carl's recipe made with roasted cauliflower, fresh tarragon, and plenty of butter and cream. Thickened with xanthan gum.


Zevia is the official soft drink of Ketofest 2018. They have donated several cases! Of course, we'll have plenty of water available. Alcohol is neither served nor allowed. We decided not to do coffee on the Parade this year because last year the urns kept tripping the breaker! If you want coffee please go to one of these fine establishments:
Ketofest is sponsored in part by Mystic Meat Locker. Go to the Mystic Meat Locker booth to sample their charcuterie all made without sugar: Sopresatta (aka "Soupy"), Smoked Teriyaki Peppered Beef Jerky, Italian Sausage, Garlic Rosemary Sausage, Southwestern Sausage with Habenero Cheese & Bratwurst Sausage with Cheddar Cheese, and their world-famous kielbasa! They will be taking orders, which you can pick up at the Garde (frozen), on Science Sunday.

Cooking Demonstrations and Tastings

Up the street at RD86 space there's a professional kitchen where you can watch instructional keto cooking demonstrations and sample the results.

Time Chef Dish
9:00 AM Louise Reynolds Sweet and Savory Breakfast Muffins
10:00 AM Brenda Zorn Pork Rind Pancakes
11:00 AM Richard Morris Pulled Lamb and Haloumi
1:00 PM Chef Taffy Elrod Non-Dairy Keto Chocolate Ganache
2:00 PM Jon Slaughter Savoury Rice
3:00 PM Kim Howerton Keto Eclairs

Live Music!

The Rivergods, a New London band if ever there was one, will be performing their original Americana music along with some classic rock covers starting at noon.

Wine and Cheese!

There will be wine and cheese tastings all day long at Thames River Greenery right across the street from the Parade Plaza. Now, that's a party!
Ketofest is sponsored in part by Wine and Whey. Wine & Whey products will provide top cheese and wine instruction as well as tools for any winemaker as they pursue perfection in the craft. We bring together wine and food culture to present inspiration and opportunity for people to make their own wine and cheese.

Cheese Making Classes!

Pamela Zorn from Wine and Whey will be teaching how to make cheese at Thames River Greenery starting at 10 AM. Check your swag bag for your very own cheese-making kit!

Outdoor Activities

There will be opportunities to go on walking tours and take yoga lessons. Extra tickets are required for both of these. Allan Misner will be giving free fitness classes on the lawn during the day.
Ketofest is sponsored in part by Keto Mojo. The world’s first and most advanced connected solution for the ketogenic lifestyle. The the keto-mojo ketone and glucose meter uses affordable glucose and ketone strips. Now integrated with Heads-Up-Health. Come visit our booth!

Live keto Podcasts

At the Isaac School Gymnasium you can sit in on podcast recordings by the 2 Keto Dudes, Jimmy Moore, Daisy Brackenhall, Kim Howerton with Dr. Ken Berry, and Carrie Brown! Schedule is subject to change.
Time Host Podcast
9:00 AM Jimmy Moore Keto Talk Live
10:00 AM Dr. Ken Berry and Kim Howerton Completely Keto Live
11:00 AM Daisy Brackenhall Ketowoman Live
1:00 PM Carl Franklin and Richard Morris 2 Keto Dudes Live
2:00 PM Jimmy Moore Ketohacking Live
3:00 PM Carrie Brown Ketovangelist Kitchen Live

Local Keto Restaurants

We are working with most of the restaurants within walking distance to provide at least one ketogenic dish on their menu. These dishes will be highlighted in the printed program along with a map of the restaurants, phone numbers, and whether they require reservations. Most do not. Daddy Jack's will be serving Carl's Head Pizza buffet-style. Hot Rods will be serving prime rib, ribeye, and wings. Included in the price of admission are coupons you can use toward your bill at these restaurants!

Ice Cream Social at RD86! (8 PM to 10 PM)

After dinner, make your way to RD86 where you can sample keto ice cream from Keto & Co and Rebel Creamery with all the fixins. We are also serving Dry Farms Wine, a very low carb wine, at this event.
Ketofest is sponsored in part by Front Porch Pecans. These are the best tasting pecans we've ever had! If you’ve been on Keto for a while and haven’t added pecans to your snack repertoire yet, you’re missing out! Some Keto’ers consider pecans a Keto superfood. Pecans have one of the best fat to carb ratios found in any nut or seed. But wait, there’s more! Pecans are also rich in Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium–important electrolytes for the Keto diet. The perfect on the go snack to help you blast through Keto flu symptoms to keep you feeling nice and light and clear.

Science Sunday

On Sunday, July 22, you'll watch exciting lectures from our esteemed speakers at the Garde Arts Center and Isaac School Gymnasium. Doors open at 8 AM. The Keynote is at 8:30 at the Garde. Talks start at 9:00 AM and go until 5 PM. This is where you'll get to hear the latest research, science, and stories from the field. We'll be doing a live stream and publishing the talks on YouTube after the conference.

Food on Sunday will be served only at the Garde. It includes an all-day bacon bar (starting at 10 AM), grilled cheese sandwiches starting at 11 AM courtesy of Fox Hill Kitchens, who make amazing low-carb bread with yeast!! The main dish is Beef Stroganoff over an herbacious cauli-rice prepared by Keto & Co, which will come out at noon. Of course, we'll have coffee, water, and liquid refreshments (including the Ketofest Cocktail) available all day.

The guys from Mystic Meat Locker will be fulfilling orders at the Garde. Stop by and pick up your vacuum-sealed charcuterie before you leave.

Garde Arts Center Schedule

Here is a list of talks from the Garde Arts Center, which is subject to change. Besides the keynote and closing session, all talks are 45 minutes long with a 15 minute break so you can get something to eat or change venues.

Ketofest is sponsored in part by RnA Reset. Carolyn Dean is a medical doctor and a naturopath. She has made it her mission to guide individuals to RESET to their default setting of total health, by giving them the formulas and information to take back power over their health. A program so safe and simple you can take all the formulas to support any nutritional plan or health regimen including the KETOGENIC DIET. Stop by our booth and receive your complimentary sample!

8:00 AM - Doors Open There will be a registration booth open if you need to pick up your badge and swag bag.

8:30 AM - Keynote
2 Keto Dudes

Carl Franklin and Richard Morris officially kick off Science Sunday by encouraging everyone to expand their community, wherever it is.

9 AM - The Science on Keto and Diabetes
Nina Teicholz

Is saturated fat bad for health? A keto diet usually ends up containing more saturated fat, which has long been thought to cause heart disease. In this talk, award-winning journalist Nina Teicholz will review the history of how, some 70 years ago, we came to believe that saturated fat and dietary cholesterol are bad for health (the "diet heart hypothesis"): is there any truth to this idea? What was the evidence? Teicholz will also talk about the politics on nutrition: how a hypothesis has remained national policy for so many decades despite a weak evidence base: what has been the role of government, the American Heart Association, and the food industry, among other actors? Finally, she will discuss the arguments for why saturated fat can be said to be good for health.

10 AM - Lies My Doctor Told Me, and What You Can Do about That
Ken D Berry, MD

The ketogenic diet will never be adopted by the powers that be because billions in profit would be lost by huge contributors. Therefore, it must be a grass-roots movement. Here's how we can make that happen.

11 AM - Keto Made Simple (Do I really need organic, grass-fed beef?)
Dr. Eric Westman

The rapid rise in popularity in Keto Diets has created misconceptions that can make it harder to lose weight, and even cause weight gain. In this talk, Dr. Westman will give examples from the Duke and HEAL Clinics on what can lead people astray, and practical advice on how to correct these misconceptions.

Ketofest is sponsored in part by Intensive Dietary Management. Personalize therapeutic fasting, health education and coaching for weight loss and metabolic syndrome. Megan Ramos directs the program, which is done remotely. IDM has helped hundreds of people take control over their metabolic syndrome. Stop by the booth and say hi!

12 PM - When Weight Loss Stalls
Dr. Jeffry Gerber

Literature review reveals that regardless of the approach, initial weight loss is often successful yet weight loss often plateaus and weight can often return to baseline. Energy supply and demand and the hormonal approach to adiposity should not be mutually exclusive and can complement one another. Proper understanding of energy processing not specifically CICO), hormones, organ disease and function, CNS signals, mitochondrial health, dysfunction and ageing, satiety, personal fat threshold, provide insight to establishing an approach that achieves long-term weight loss and health.

1 PM - The Science of Communicating Science
Jimmy Moore

Jimmy Moore is a professional communicator, perhaps one of the most prolific in the ketogenic community. His audience runs the table from people with no formal education trying to reverse their disease, to their health are practitioners who have a much broader scientific foundation and just need a crisp actionable explanation. Navigating between those two audiences is a complex art but one that our entire community needs to learn if we are to spread this low carb revolution to our own friends and loved ones, and to their health care providers.

2 PM - Warburg 101. Intro to energy metabolism and cancer.
Prof. Richard Feinman

The Warburg effect is center of much attention and in its broadest view emphasizes the role of glucose and the potential of keto. Not that simple What Warburg observed was that cancer cells produce a higher ratio of lactic acid to CO2. What does this mean? I will go back to basics and provide elementary description of how cells obtain energy (ATP) and where Warburg's observations fit in. I will ask where we should look for cancer mechanism in the metabolic energy pathway and what we can learn from recent results from our lab and others.

Ketofest is sponsored in part by Keto Chow. Make Keto Easy with our nutritionally complete Keto Chow. Comes in 18 delicious flavors. Mix with avocado oil or heavy cream to meet your macros. Make fasting easy with our new Fasting Drops: sodium, magnesium, potassium, and trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake. No sugars, calories, flavor, caffeine, or artificial ingredients. There’s a sample in your bag. Check it out!

3 PM - The Paradox of Insulin Resistance versus LDL Cholesterol
Dr. Nadir Ali, MD

Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) is evolutionary conserved over millions of years. LDL serves a variety of functions, including energy transport, immune defense, cell repair and as anti-oxidants. There are homeostatic changes in LDL with a low carbohydrate diet. Cardiologist Nadir Ali discusses these changes.

4 PM - An Engineering Guide to Chronic Disease Avoidance
Ivor Cummins

A high-level overview of heart disease and other chronic condition root causes. This will zero in on who is really at the greatest risk and needs to take the most decisive actions to avoid heart attack or an early death. How do we identify and save these people, be they slim or obese? Luckily there is a science-based strategy to do so.

5 PM - Closing Ceremony
Carl Franklin and Richard Morris

Turn in your eval forms, win prizes, and have one last hurrah!

Ketofest is sponsored in part by Keto & Co. The entire Keto and Co group of brands is delighted to be participating in Ketofest again this year.

Stop by the Sated booth to try our new naturally sweetened meal shakes and learn about the upcoming pre mixed version (enter to win a free month too).

Stop by the Keto and Co booth to try our soon to be released fudge brownies and keto flat bread. And, be sure to try the newest flavor of Keto and Co’s Dry Riced Cauliflower at lunch on Sunday, Mushroom, Roasted Garlic, and Herb.

Stop by the Saturday night Ice Cream Social hosted by Keto Delivered to try keto ice cream topped with a variety of items that have been in the Keto Delivered subscription box over the past year (Keto friendly gummy bears, cookie crumbs, chocolate sauce, and more).

Use the coupon TwoDudesRock on any of our stores to get 10% off through the end of August.

Isaac School Schedule

Here is a list of talks from the Isaac School Gymnasium, which is subject to change.

9 AM - How to get the most out of that keto energy
Allan Misner

One of the big wins when someone goes onto the ketogenic diet is a nice boost in energy. This keto energy leaves most people questioning why they would ever go back to being a sugar-burner. But, what do you do with this new found keto energy? Allan will walk you through a process he calls setting your Wellness GPS. In this process, you'll discover the right approach to fitness that ensures you get excellent, long-lasting health and fitness results. Not only will you take your fitness to new levels, you'll find that movement is the key to amping up your keto energy.

10 AM - Practical Fasting & The Science of Intermittent Fasting
Megan Ramos

This talk will focus on understanding what goes on in the body during a fast, and discusses a few common misconceptions about fasting.

Ketofest is sponsored in part by Keto Kakes. Low Carb Oven’s KetoKakes are gluten-free, sugar-free treats made with top-quality ingredients. We use only the finest almond flour, grass-fed butter, cage-free eggs, and zero glycemic impact sweeteners. Baked in small batches and shipped directly to our customers, they are convenient, perfectly portioned and delicious. Most importantly, you can enjoy these sweet treats without taking your ketogenic or low carb diet off track! Come have a taste at the Garde Theater on Science Sunday!

11 AM - Decoding Cholesterol – The New Lipid Energy Model and Why It Matters
Dave Feldman

Dave provides exhaustive new data recently collected over two years of experiments by himself and many followers of this work to demonstrate compelling evidence of the dynamism of lipoproteins and the cholesterol they carry. He will also tie together Phases I, II, and III of his research with the Inversion Pattern, Energy Status, and Body Fat Flux (via the recent Weight Gain Experiment), respectively, and how they all apply to the overall model of energy influence on cholesterol.

12 PM - LDL: Primed to Protect (Cholesterol's role in defense and repair)
Siobhan Huggins

This talk will focus on the lipid system's involvement in the immune system, defense system (e.g. from oxidative stress), and repair system (cellular repair/wound healing). Specifically this will focus on HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, and small dense LDL (also called Pattern B LDL) and what each of these markers is actually reflecting, beyond just a simple standard range/number. I'll also be focusing on taking markers in context, and the confusion that can develop by focusing on numbers in isolation instead of understanding the big picture.

1 PM - Your Marvellous Mevalonate Machine vs the Statin Slayer
Nick Mailer

Even Doctors sometimes only have a vague idea how statins work, and why they might have side-effects. This talk has two aims: firstly, to introduce in plain English all the fascinating actors in your own metabolic steroid factory, and how statins throw a spanner in its works; and secondly, to demonstrate how enthusiastic amateurs can now empower ourselves to begin to understand even complex biological systems, and not let long chemical nomenclature scare us!

Ketofest is sponsored in part by HEAL Clinics. Championed by Dr. Eric Westman from Duke University, HEAL Clinics offers a personalized, guided path to remission for obesity, pre-diabetes, and Type 2 Diabetes without medications. A global epidemic: diabetes and obesity More than half the U.S. population is at risk. Over one billion people across the globe and 170 million people in the US suffer from diet-related diseases including asymptomatic (no symptoms) obesity,type-2 diabetes, and pre- diabetes. All three are now classified as diseases by the American Medical Association. The root cause of these diseases can be traced to eating too many poor-quality carbohydrates. Most significant, about 90% of all diabetes is preventable. HEALcare® is a program that puts obesity, pre-diabetes, and type 2 diabetes into remission Traditional treatment of diabetes and obesity rely on blood sugar control medications and insulin shots to treat symptoms (the “pills and needles” approach) and rarely put these diseases into remission. HEALcare® offers a clinically tested, guided low-carb path that rarely fails to put these diseases into remission. In most cases many of the medications taken prior to the HEALcare® program can be reduced or eliminated. To inquire about HEALcare®, please go to www.healclinics.com or call (888) 509-9016

2 PM - Ruminant Revolution!
Peter Ballerstedt

Human beings exist because of ruminants. Today’s societies rely upon them. Humanity’s future depends upon improvements in the productivity and efficiency of worldwide ruminant animal agriculture. Like the general public’s confusion of what constitutes a “healthy diet,” tremendous misunderstanding exists regarding the environmental role of ruminant animals. The role of ruminant animals in true sustainability will be discussed.

3 PM - Nourish Your Neurons: Alzheimer's Disease as Type 3 Diabetes and a Nutritional Strategy to Fight It
Amy Berger

Few illnesses are as frightening and feared as Alzheimer’s disease. It seems to strike indiscriminately, and the best conventional medicine has to offer are medications that are ineffective at slowing or stopping disease progression. H owever, the scientific literature is replete with research referring to Alzheimer's disease as "type 3 diabetes" or "brain insulin resistance," owing to the fundamental role of impaired glucose metabolism and insulin signaling in the brain. This talk will explore the concept of Alzheimer's as a metabolic condition, with a metabolic solution -- one based on providing struggling neurons with a powerful alternative fuel source: ketones. This can be accomplished by following a low-carbohydrate, nutrient-dense diet containing the traditional nourishing fats and good quality proteins and vegetables. The talk will also cover genetic factors related to risk for Alzheimer's, the failure of the pharmaceutical paradigm, and will provide a blueprint for dietary and lifestyle interventions to improve the lives of those with Alzheimer's and their loved ones and caregivers.

4 PM - Carnivorous Diets: benefits beyond low carb
L. Amber O'Hearn

By now we have plenty of clinical evidence of benefits from low carb, ketogenic diets, but we have limited clinical evidence for low plant diets. Why would anyone further restrict an already restricted diet, rejecting not only the vilification of animal fat and protein, but the presumed virtue of fruits and vegetables? The answer is that the number and types of anecdotes of clear and significant benefit is too large to ignore. Not only are many people finding impressive positive results from a shift to a plant-free diet, but many are experiencing remission of diseases considered progressive and incurable. In this talk I will discuss the practical differences between ketogenic and carnivorous diets, who might most benefit from excluding plants, and some ideas about why.

Ketofest is sponsored in part by Fox Hill Kitchens, who offer amazing low-carb gluten-free Vermont-made bread! Try the everything bagels! Fox Hill will be serving grilled cheese sandwiches at Ketofest on Science Sunday!

Photos from Last Year

You can see photos from last year at our Ketogenic Forums and on Carl's Facebook Page


By train or car, new London is 2 hours from Boston, 1 hour from Providence (Intl airport there), 2.5 hours from NYC, 1.5 hours by Ferry from Montauk Long Island. 1 hour drive from Hartford or New Haven. The “Parade” - an outdoor area where the pig roast will be held, is right across the street from the train station. Everything else is a matter of 2 or 3 blocks away.

Your best bet for finding a hotel is to use a hotel finding service like Expedia or Hotels.com and search for hotels in or near New London, CT (zip code 06320).


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