Welcome to Ketofest!!

Imagine spending a weekend with hundreds of other ketofreaks in a city turned keto! Within four blocks you will interact with world-class speakers, patronize local restaurants serving real keto dishes, attend a pig roast where you don't have to worry about sugar in the sauce, learn how to cook your own keto dishes, attend breakout sessions on various related topics, take fat-adatpted fitness classes, and network with other ketogenic warriors.

Ketofest is not a conference, but a festival! Conferences are for professionals. Festivals are for people. Ketofest is for real people who want to learn the science behind - and practical applications of - the ketogenic diet as a remedy for multiple "diseases of civilization." Ketofest is a celebration of life for those who value the continuous benefits of nutritional ketosis.

Your hosts are Carl Franklin and Richard Morris from the 2 Keto Dudes podcast.

Last year (2017) was our first Ketofest. This year we plan to do everything we did last year and more. Before we can commit to holding the festival, however, we will have a Kickstarter campaign to sell tickets. The way Kickstarter works is that everyone pledges to buy their tickets. Your credit card will only be charged if we meet our goal. Sign up for the mailing list to be notified when the Kickstarter campaign goes live.

Here's what to expect this year:

Friday, July 20

HEALcare for Life Kickoff Forum

Ketofest is excited to kick off the festival with an information-packed 4-hour forum by some of the world’s leading low-carb authorities including Dr. Eric Westman of HEAL Clinics and Duke University! Always in demand as a speaker, Dr. Westman is a world-renowned low-carb authority whose clinically-proven methods are reshaping the medical community’s views on nutrition and health.

The HEALcare Kickoff Forum will leave you moved and empowered. You’ll learn more about a way of eating that is not simply a diet but a wonderful lifestyle change--a way to stop living with disease.

The HEALCare event will be separate from Ketofest, and will require an additional $50 fee and registration.

Fasting Friday with Megan Ramos

If you're already ketogenic and would like to get into intermittent or extended fasting, this day is for you. Megan Ramos guides you through the history, science, and practical application of fasting with patient stories and practical advice. At the same time, everyone at the event will be fasting. Of course there will be coffee, water, and plenty of salt. Megan Ramis is director of the Intensive Dietary Management program in Toronto, where she advises patients on how to best control their insulin with a combination of fasting and a ketogenic diet.

VIP Dinner Party

One of the Kickstarter rewards will be a limited-space dinner party at Carl's house, just 10 minutes north of New London. Carl and Richard will be serving amazing keto food, and you'll get to rub elbows with the speakers and VIPs.

Social Saturday

On Social Saturday (July 21), we're having an outdoor party on the Parade Plaza in New London, which is right on the water, across the street from the train station. Not only will we have a pig smoking on a spit, but the Mystic Meat Locker will be grilling sausages, offering samples of - and taking orders for - their amazing cured and smoked meats (charcuterie), which they make with no sugar and more fat! Of course, we'll have plenty of water and coffee available, but no alcohol will be served at our party. The Rivergods, a New London band if ever there was one, will be performing their original Americana music along with some classic rock covers. Thames River Winery will be hosting wine tastings all day long in their cellar right across the street from the Parade Plaza. Now, that's a party!

There will be opportunities to go on walking tours, Segway tours, running tours, and cycle tours. We'll be doing fitness lessons during the day as well. Up the street at the Crocker House Ballroom, there's a professional kitchen where you can watch instructional keto cooking lessons and sample the results. There may be additional costs and/or space limitations on lessons and tours, but we will ensure that it won't break the bank.

We are working with most of the restaurants within walking distance to provide at least one ketogenic dish on their menu. These dishes will be highlighted in the printed program along with a map of the restaurants, phone numbers, and whether they require reservations. Most do not. Daddy Jack's will be serving Carl's Head Pizza and a keto buffet. Hot Rods will be serving prime rib, ribeye, and wings. Included in the price of admission are coupons you can use toward your bill at these restaurants.

The festivities on Social Saturday start at 8 AM and go until 4 PM, at which time you can find your way to one of the restaurants for dinner. Food will be served from noon to 4 PM.

Science Sunday

On Sunday, July 22, you'll watch exciting lectures from our esteemed speakers at the Garde Arts Center. Doors open at 8 AM. Talks start at 8:30 AM and go until 5 PM. This is where you'll get to hear the latest research, science, and stories from the field. We'll be doing a live stream and publishing the talks on YouTube after the conference.

Speakers have not yet been determined, but we hope to have everyone who spoke last year, and possibly open up another track at the Crocker House Ballroom. The speakers from 2017 were Jaqueline Eberstein, Dr. Eric Westman, Dr. Jeffy Gerber, Nick Mailer, Ivor Cummins, Megan Ramos, L. Amber O'Hearn, Dr. Richard David Fienman and Dave Feldman. This year we hope to open another track at the Crocker House Ballroom.

As for food on Sunday, it will be bacon all day and grilled cheese sandwiches courtesy of Fox Hill Kitchens, who make amazing low-carb bread with yeast!! We will also have some kind of main dish, which has yet to be decided. Of course, we'll have coffee, water, and liquid refreshments (including Carl's Keto ACV Soda) available all day.

Midday, Carl and Richard will record a live 2 Keto Dudes episode on stage

The guys from Mystic Meat Locker will be fulfilling orders at the Garde. Stop by and pick up your vacuum-sealed charcuterie before you leave.

Photos from Last Year

You can see photos from last year at our Ketogenic Forums and on Carl's Facebook Page


By train or car, new London is 2 hours from Boston, 1 hour from Providence (Intl airport there), 2.5 hours from NYC, 1.5 hours by Ferry from Montauk Long Island. 1 hour drive from Hartford or New Haven. The “Parade” - an outdoor area where the pig roast will be held, is right across the street from the train station. Everything else is a matter of 2 or 3 blocks away.

Your best bet for finding a hotel is to use a hotel finding service like Expedia or Hotels.com and search for hotels in or near New London, CT (zip code 06320).


Contact us at dudes@2ketodudes.com

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